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For such a little country, some of Belize's products pack a punch.

Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp's. One of Belize's best-known products comes from a little plant near Dangriga. This spicy sauce was originally created by Marie Sharp in her kitchen in the early 1980s. It comes in a variety of heat levels, from the moderate Mild Habanero to the fiery No Wimps Allowed, and, finally, Beware. Marie Sharp's also makes less dangerous products, such as jams, jellies, and other spices and sauces. If you call ahead, you can tour the plant on Melinda Road near Dangriga. Main Office, 3 Pier Rd., Dangriga 522/2370


Traveller's Liquors Ltd. A favorite of rum connoisseurs, One Barrel, from Traveller's Ltd., with a slight taste of vanilla and caramel, has won international tasting awards in the gold rum category. The company is run by the Perdomo family of Belize City. 223/2855 .

Cuellos. A good mixing white rum, and the one you'll see in most bars, is called Caribbean Rum. It is made by family-owned Cuellos distillery. 65 Main St., Orange Walk Town 322/2141 distillery, 322/2183 office.

Hardwood Furniture

If the cost of shipping doesn't break your budget, the low-slung folding "clam chairs" are a favorite and made from the region's tropical hardwood.

New River Enterprises. New River Enterprises makes solid mahogany and other hardwood doors, some around BZ$2,400 plus shipping. It also makes patio furniture. 14 Westby St., Orange Walk Town 322/2225

Hummingbird Furnishings. Hummingbird Furnishings uses bamboo, wicker, and rattan, sometimes mixed with mahogany, for indoor and outdoor furniture. 54 Hummingbird Hwy., Belmopan City 822/3164 20 Coconut Dr., San Pedro 226/2960.


Gallon Jug Estates in Orange Walk District is the only commercial coffee producer in Belize (and it is small, with only about 100 acres of coffee plantings). Made with only arabica beans, Gallon Jug coffees are shade-grown and don't use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Whole-bean and ground coffee, packed in colorful gold and green, can be bought all over Belize.


Belize Brewing Co. Ltd. Take a tour of the the Bowen brewery to see them brew Belikin, Belize's most popular beer, with a half-hour tasting of the varieties of brews. 1 King St. 227/7031

Updated: 12-2013

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