Specialty Tours


Specialty Tours

Trekking opportunities abound in this part of Turkey. For serious walkers, the 530-km (331-mi) Lycian Way is the standing challenge. If you prefer to have a guid, individually or as part of a group, contact Middle Earth Travel.

The areas is also great for rafting or trekking trips. The three main areas are around Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, in Köprülü National Park near Antalya, and along Alanya's Dimçay River. You'll pass through soaring canyons and under ancient Roman bridges. The Alraft Rafting and Riding Club, in Alanya, arranges rafting trips, as well as horseback riding treks. Also in Antalya are Medraft and TransNature, both outdoor-sports specialists. In Fethiye, Aventura specializes in all kinds of activities, including paragliding. In Side, Get Wet can arrange all kinds of outdoor activities such as rafting, trekking, and mountaineering.

History- and religion-oriented tours are not uncommon around the south coast of Turkey area, particularly due to association with St. Paul, who evangelized the area. A 400-km (250-mi) trekking route known as the St. Paul Trail has takes in some places he is known to have passed through. A guide isn't really necessary and the trekkers are usually independent—but Middle Earth Travel arranges tours. More traditional weeklong bus tours look at Christian sites in the Antalya area and then go on to Ephesus, where St. Paul preached in the theater. More information can be had from Paul's Place in Antalya.


Alraft Rafting and Riding Club (242/513–9155.)

Get Wet (242/753–4071. www.getwet.com.tr.)

Middle Earth Travel (384/271–2559. www.middleearthtravel.com.)

Paul's Place (242/247–6857. www.stpaulcc-turkey.com/pauls-place.)

TransNature (242/324–0011. www.transnature.com.tr/eng/index.html.)

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