The Sea of Marmara and the North Aegean: Places to Explore



Bursa is the jumping-off point for excursions to Uludağ (8,300 feet high), where you will find lush Uludağ Ulusal Parkı (Uludağ National Park) and Turkey's most popular ski resort.

To fully appreciate why Bursa is called Green Bursa, take the 30-minute ride up the teleferik (cable car) in Bursa to Uludağ's Sarıalan point (5,350 feet) for a panoramic view. This terminus is lively in summer: there are restaurants and picnic areas. In winter, however, the cable car terminus is only a staging point for the hotel area, which is 7 km farther up. In spring or fall, there isn't much activity here, especially when the mist is over the mountain—the cable car runs anyway as the ride itself can be fun. Take a sweater or jacket, as temperatures fall dramatically as you climb, even when it's warm downtown. There are also various walking paths up the mountain from Bursa to Uludağ and Uludağ to Bursa; the hike takes about three hours each way. From Uludağ's hotel area you can reach undeveloped spots for blissfully cool hikes in summer.

Uludağ gets most of its attention for its skiing and, lately, snowboarding. There are 30 intermediate and beginner routes, with five chairlifts, and seven T-bars. The season lasts from November until April, though the best conditions are between mid-December and March. The resort is packed on weekends, school holidays, and religious festivals, when prices increase dramatically.