The Sea of Marmara and the North Aegean: Places to Explore


  • Ayvalık

    Ayvalık is beautiful, stretching onto a peninsula and surrounded by islands, with many bays swirling in and out of its coastline. The bustling harbor town and Cunda Island across the way retain...

  • Behramkale (Assos)

    The port is a marvel, pressed against the sheer cliff walls. It's crammed with small hotels that were built of volcanic rock, a fleet of fishing boats, and a small rocky beach at each end....

  • Bursa

    An important center since early Ottoman times, Bursa is today one of Turkey's more prosperous cities (due to its large automobile and textile industries) and is also a pleasing mix of bustling...

  • Çanakkale

    West of Bursa, on the southern shore of the Dardanelles, Çanakkale is the largest city on the North Aegean coast and makes a good base for visiting the memorials and battlefields of Gallipoli, a...

  • Cunda Island (Ali Bey Adası)

    Like Ayvalık, Cunda Island was once predominantly Greek, and some Greek is still spoken here. The island has a mix of the two cultures in its food, music, and nightlife, and lately has been...

  • Eceabat

    Eceabat, on the Gallipoli Peninsula, is the closest town to the most-visited battlefields and cemeteries. The town is small and most of the restaurants and hotels are along the waterfront. So is...

  • Gallipoli

    The Gallipoli Peninsula lies to the north of the Dardanelles. Turks call it Gelibolu—there's also a town of the same name about 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Eceabat. Thirty-one beautifully...

  • İznik

    Nature has been generous to İznik, which is beautifully situated around the east end of İznik Lake. You can swim (though the water can be chilly), picnic, or rent a kayak or paddleboat, and you...

  • Pergamum (Bergama)

    The windswept ruins of Pergamum, which surround the modern town of Bergama, are among the most spectacular in Turkey. Pergamum was one of the world’s major powers, though it had only a...

  • Troy (Truva)

    Troy, known as Truva to the Turks and Ilion to the Greeks, is one of the most evocative place names in literature.


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