The Sea of Marmara and the North Aegean Feature


Top Reasons to Go to The Sea of Marmara and the North Aegean

İznik tiles: Watch the craftswomen engraving on quartz; buy some to take home.

Spend quality time in Bursa: Visit the Yeşil Cami (Green Mosque), stroll the covered bazaar, and make sure to try the local kebab specialty: İskender kebap.

Gallipoli: See the battlefields and moving memorials where one of the key campaigns of the First World War was fought.

Explore Mount Ida: Hike among the pine forests and waterfalls, and stay in one of the area's boutique hotels.

Troy: Visit the ruins of this 5,000-year-old city, where more than nine layers of civilization have been uncovered.

Pergamum: Explore this spectacular showcase of the classical period, second in Turkey only to Ephesus.

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