The Sea of Marmara and the North Aegean Places


Behramkale (Assos)

Getting Here and Around

Buses from Çanakkale in the north and Ayvalık or İzmir in the south stop at Ayvacık, which is the closest (19 km) town to Behramkale. From there, minibuses to Behramkale run every hour. Make sure you get one that also goes down to the port, if that's your final destination.

A minibus runs between the port and the village; it's a five-minute ride, costing TL 1.5. The minibus also goes to Kadırga beach, a 15-minute ride. The lofty ruins of Behramkale, known in ancient times as Assos, provide a panoramic view over the Aegean. As you approach, the road forks, one route leading to the ancient, pretty village atop the hill and the other twisting precariously down to the tiny, charming harbor. There's no particularly logical reason, but nowadays the name "Behramkale" is used for the village at the top and "Assos" for the port area.