The Central and Southern Aegean Coast: Places to Explore


Lake Bafa

The lake is relatively small and undeveloped, especially away from the main road. For a change of pace, rent a boat (which will cost you around $45 round-trip) to go across the lake, or drive the rough 10-km (6-mi) road along the eastern shore, to the village of Kapıkiri and the ancient ruins of Heracleia. Though a minor town in antiquity, Heracleia has a wonderful setting, surrounded by high mountains. The villagers are Türkmen, descended from the Turkish tribes that settled Anatolia in the 13th and 14th centuries. The ruins, a Temple of Athena and some city walls, are also unusual: they were left by Carians, a native Asian people who adopted the Greek language and culture. On an islet facing the village are the remains of a Byzantine monastery, and huge volcanic boulders are scattered about. The combination of elements is incredibly atmospheric.

Lake Bafa at a Glance