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Tips for Seafood Restaurants

Fish is often sold whole (as opposed to fillets) and priced by the kilo. The price and weight are often not listed, so don't hesitate to ask. For example, 1 kilo of sea bream may be equal to two whole fish, and cost $30.

Don't be afraid to bargain for your fish. Many restaurants in touristy areas tend to mark up their prices significantly. Check out the prices offered elsewhere and use those as a reference point. Remember that bargaining is part of Turkish culture.

Don't feel awkward about sharing a main course. This is always acceptable, especially when ordering a large-sized fish.

Make a point of letting your server know if you don't want the fixed-menu option that many restaurants offer. Also, be specific about the exact quantity of the meze, or appetizer, you would like—sometimes waiters will bring you more than one serving of a dish and charge you extra.

Note that there is often an obligatory service charge added to your bill. Some restaurants, regardless of the number of people in your party, also add a gratuity of 10%. Always look at your check to see if it's been added before you leave a tip. The check will say servis or servis ucreti dahildir if a gratuity has been added.

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