Excursions to the Far East and Black Sea Coast Places



Getting Here and Around

There are several daily flights to Trabzon from both Istanbul and Ankara. Fares are competitive, so check with the different airlines to see who has the best. The bus ride from Istanbul to Trabzon takes almost 20 hours, but at around $42 to $58, it can be half as expensive as flying. There is daily service from Istanbul's Esenler bus terminal to the Trabzon bus terminal. There is also daily service from Ankara's AŞTİ bus terminal. Be sure to choose a company with comfortable seats.

Bus service between towns runs frequently and is inexpensive. You can get schedules at the local tourist information office or directly from the bus station in Trabzon. Renting a car, though, is the most convenient way of getting around the Black Sea area. The coast road from Trabzon eastward is currently in the process of being widened and turned into a proper highway, lessening travel time and making the driving experience much safer. Avis has an office in downtown Trabzon, as well as one at the airport. There are also several local companies around Trabzon's main square (Atatürk Alanı).