Excursions to the Far East and Black Sea Coast Places



Getting Here and Around

Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet, and Pegasus have regular flights from Istanbul to Kars.

There are daily buses from Istanbul and Ankara to cities in the east, but it's a long trip and not much cheaper than flying. Kars is about 18 hours from Ankara ($35), 22 hours from Istanbul ($45), and 10 hours from Trabzon ($20). Van is about 20 hours from Ankara ($30), 24 hours from Istanbul ($40), and 12 hours from Trabzon ($20). Van Seyahat makes the trip from Istanbul to Van. Kars Do─ču takes passenger from Istanbul to Kars.

The train is not the best option: the trip from Istanbul to Kars (38 hours or more) is brutally slow, though it's cheap.