Excursions to the Far East and Black Sea Coast Places



Getting Here and Around

Turkish Airlines and Onurair fly to Gaziantep and Şanliurfa.

There are daily buses from Istanbul to Gaziantep: the ride takes about 18 hours and costs about $40 to $56. There are regular minivans that make the quick run from Gaziantep to Urfa and from Urfa to Adiyaman, where you can catch a minivan to Kahta. There's an otogar (bus station) in each of the main towns.

Train service from Istanbul to Gaziantep has been temporarily suspended due to the construction of a high-speed Istanbul-Ankara line, which was set to be completed in October 2008, but at publication, has not been.

Guided Tours

The knowledgable Ayşe Nur Arun at Gaziantep's Arsan travel agency can arrange for tours in Gaziantep, around the region, and to Mt. Nemrut.