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Basing Yourself to See Mt. Nimrod

Kâhta is the easiest place to base yourself for a trip to Mt. Nemrut, even though it's a two-hour drive. You're best off signing up with a minibus tour from here, which will save you the driving up the mountain. The road is good, but windy and bumpy at times, and you'll get the benefit of a tour guide (25 TL–100 TL, depending on the length of the tour and how many people share the minibus). There are sunrise and sunset tours. Tour guides recommend setting out at 2 am to reach the summit at sunrise. You can then return before the fierce midday heat. Sunset tours leave Kâhta at around 1 pm. The sunrise is lovely, but if you start later, you'll avoid the sunrise tourist rush and the coldest part of the morning.

If you're driving your own car and would like to catch the sunrise or sunset on Mt. Nemrut without having to start off too early in the morning or getting back too late in the day, you may want to consider spending the night in the small and tranquil village of Karadut, which is only about 3 km (5 miles) from the monument and has two decent places to stay and eat.

If you drive to the summit yourself, the trip from Kâhta takes a good two hours using the old road—from where you can stop at Eski Kâhta (Old Kâhta) on the way back—but half that using a newer road that goes through the village of Narince.

Because of severe winter weather conditions, the trip should be undertaken only between May and October—even then, when the sun is baking down on the plain, there are strong winds and a stiff morning chill at the summit.

Updated: 2014-04-04

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