Central Anatolia Places




Bus Information

Metro (332/265–0040 bus terminal ticket office; 444–3455 call center. www.metroturizm.com.tr.)

Kontur (332/265–0080 bus terminal ticket office; 444–4042 call center. www.kontur.com.tr.)

Özkaymak (332/265–0160 bus terminal ticket office; 444–4206 call center. www.ozkaymak.com.tr.)

Visitor Information

Visitor Information (Aslanlı Kışla Cad. 5, behind Mevlâna Museum, Konya. 332/351–1074. Mon.–Sat. 8–5.)

Tour Information

Selene Tour. This agency offers tours in Konya and to nearby destinations, such as Çatalhöyük; it can also arrange for visitors to attend the annual Mevlâna festival. Owner Mete Horzum, a dervish himself, is knowledgeable about Konya, Rumi, and Sufism. Aziziye Cad. 25, Güneş Apt., Konya. 332/353–6745. www.selene.com.tr.