Central Anatolia Feature


Top Reasons to Go to Central Anatolia

Hike the valleys of Cappadocia: Trails lead past fantastic rock formations and to cave entrances that open on ornately decorated churches.

Balloon over Cappadocia: Dangling high above the forested, rock-littered valleys in a basket, you'll sail past rock cones and fairy chimneys.

Explore underground cities: Kaymaklı, Derinkuyu, and the other subterranean complexes are vast, multistoried, equipped with kitchens, sewage systems, and stables, and once housed tens of thousands of inhabitants.

Luxuriate in a cave: Some of Cappadocia's finest hotels are tucked into elaborately appointed caves, where soft lighting, fireplaces, and even Jacuzzis are common amenities.

See the dervishes whirl: In Konya dervishes whirl in graceful spinning dances as a way to fill themselves with love, the essence of the divine.

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