Ticino: Places to Explore


  • Ascona

    Although it's only a few minutes from Locarno, tiny Ascona has a life of its own. It was little more than a fishing village until the end of the 19th century, when the town was adopted by...

  • Bellinzona

    All roads lead to Bellinzona, the fortified valley city that guards the important European crossroads of the St. Gotthard and San Bernardino routes. The capital of the Ticino, its importance...

  • Campione

    In the heart of Swiss Italy lies Campione. Here, in this southernmost of regions, the police cars have Swiss license plates but the police officers inside are Italian; the inhabitants pay their...

  • Gandria

    Although its narrow waterfront streets are crowded with tourists, the tiny historic village of Gandria still merits a visit, either by boat or by car. Gandria clings vertiginously to the steep...

  • Locarno

    Superbly placed on the sheltered curve of the northernmost tip of Lago Maggiore and surrounded on all sides by mountains, Locarno is Switzerland's sunniest town. Subtropical flora flourishes here,...

  • Lugano

    Strung around a sparkling bay like Venetian glass beads, with dark, conical mountains rising out of its waters and icy peaks framing the scene, Lugano earns its nickname as the Rio of the Old...

  • Morcote

    At the southernmost tip of the glorious Ceresio Peninsula is the atmospheric village of Morcote, its clay-colored houses and arcades looking directly over the waterfront.

  • Valle Maggia

    A drive through this rugged agricultural valley, stretching northwest from Locarno, will give you a sense of the tough living conditions endured for centuries by Ticinese farmers, whose...

  • Valle Verzasca

    The Ticino's mountain valleys, set just a short distance from its major cities, are rugged reminders of the region's modest history. Stone homes, called rustici, dot the valleys, some of which are...


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