Luzern and Central Switzerland: Places to Explore


  • Altdorf

    Schiller's play Wilhelm Tell sums up the tale for the Swiss, who perform his play religiously in venues all over the country—including the town of Altdorf, just up the road from the Rütli Meadow. Leave... Read more

  • Bürglen

    Wilhelm Tell was supposedly from the tiny, turreted town of Bürglen, just up the road from Altdorf.... Read more

  • Luzern

    Luzern city is a convenient base for excursions all over central Switzerland. The countryside here is tame, and the vast Vierwaldstättersee offers a prime opportunity for a lake steamer cruise. Where the... Read more

  • Mt. Pilatus

    Unlike Queen Victoria, who rode to the summit of this 6,953-foot mountain by mule in 1868, you can travel to Mt. Pilatus via cable car. At the top, a grand 19th-century "mountaineer's" hotel is the centerpiece... Read more

  • Rütli Meadow

    The Schillerstein, on the right as you cruise past the peninsula, is a spectacular natural rock obelisk extending nearly 85 feet up out of the lake, onto which has been carved a gigantic dedication: "To... Read more

  • Schwyz

    This historic town is the capital of the canton Schwyz, root of the name Switzerland and source of the nation's flag. Switzerland's most precious archives are stored here as well. Traces of an independent... Read more

  • Stans

    In the heart of lush valley terrain and mossy meadows, Stans is an old village whose appealing Old Town center is dotted with the deep-roof houses typical of central Switzerland. This was the home of the... Read more

  • The Tellskapelle

    Have your camera ready for this magnificently picturesque lakeside chapel, set at the foot of the Axen mountain.... Read more

  • Vitznau

    For a quintessentially scenic spot, stop over in Vitznau, a tiny waterfront resort that competes with Weggis for the balmiest weather. Small as this village may be, it looms large on the tourist radar... Read more

  • Weggis

    With a pretty waterfront park and promenade, Weggis is a summer resort town known for its mild, almost subtropical climate—little wonder that it is a magnet for Switzerland's retirees. It's far from the... Read more