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Restaurants in this region are often in centuries-old structures that have been home to some kind of eatery (in a few occasions under the same name) for 200 or even 300 years. This is especially true of Schaffhausen's Wirtschaft zum Frieden, which dates back to 1789, or St. Gallen's Schlössli, located inside a small castle built in 1586. But architecture doesn't determine the style; you'll find everything from formal linen-tablecloth service to a laid-back country kitchen atmosphere in eastern Switzerland's restaurants. The same dress code applies as in the rest of the country: jeans and a tucked-in shirt are preferable to a jacket and tie.

Restaurants typically fill up around 7 pm, slightly earlier than most of Switzerland. The Swiss have impeccable table manners and the same is expected from visitors. Point your silverware away from you on the plate when finished, always look dinner companions in the eye when clinking glasses to saying prostli!, and always, always add en guete!, the Swiss-German equivalent of bon appétite. Don't be surprised if you're charged for tap water, as this custom is tolerated throughout Switzerland.

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