Berner Oberland: Places to Explore


  • Brienz

    The romantic waterfront village of Brienz, world renowned for its wood carving, is a favorite stop for people traveling by boat as well as by car. Several artisan shops display the local wares, which range... Read more

  • Grindelwald

    Grindelwald (3,393 feet) may be surrounded by the peaks of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Mönch, and Jungfrau, but it is best known as the "Eiger village"—it faces the terrifying north face of the peak that... Read more

  • Gstaad

    The four fingerlike valleys of the Saanenland find their palm at Gstaad, the Berner Oberland's most glamorous resort. Linking the Berner Oberland with the French-speaking territory of the Pays-d'Enhaut... Read more

  • Hilterfingen

    Lake Thun is famous for its waterside castles, and Hilterfingen and Oberhofen, a little farther along the shore, have two of the best.... Read more

  • Interlaken

    Often touted as a town without character, Interlaken has patiently borne the brunt of being called "the best place in Switzerland to get away from"—but this, it turns out, is a tribute to the town's proximity... Read more

  • Iseltwald

    Set on a lovely and picturesque peninsula jutting out into the quiet waters of the lake, Iseltwald has a bevy of cafés, rental chalets, and hotels clustered at the water's edge. And every restaurant prides... Read more

  • Jungfraujoch

    The granddaddy of all high-altitude excursions, the famous journey to the Jungfraujoch, site of the highest railroad station in Europe, is one of the most popular adventures in Switzerland. From the station... Read more

  • Lauterbrunnen

    Acclaimed by Lord Tennyson as "the stateliest bit of landstrip," the Lauterbrunnen Valley is often ranked as one of the five most beautiful places in Switzerland (we give it the number-one spot). A Swiss... Read more

  • Meiringen–Hasliberg

    Set apart from the twin lakes and saddled between the roads to the Sustenpass and the Brünigpass, Meiringen is a resort town with more than 300 km (186 miles) of marked hiking trails and 60 km (37 miles)... Read more

  • Mürren

    Mürren is perched on a mountaintop shelf—5,361 feet high, to be precise. This village, along with neighboring Wengen, has always lured the rich and famous. The birthplace of downhill and slalom skiing... Read more

  • Oberhofen

  • Spiez

    With its mild climate and lakeside location, Spiez provides a striking contrast to the snowy Alps. A good reason to visit might be the nearby vineyards, which produce about 75,000 bottles of wine per year... Read more

  • Thun

    Built on an island in the River Aare as it flows from Lake Thun, this picturesque market town is laced with rushing streams crossed by wooden bridges, and its streets are lined with arcades. On the Old... Read more

  • Wengen

    Lord Byron, Consuelo Vanderbilt (the Duchess of Marlborough), and other posh folks put Wengen on the map, spreading the word about its incomparable eagle's-nest perch on a plateau over the Lauterbrunnen... Read more