The South and the Kingdom of Glass: Places to Explore


  • Kalmar

    Southern Sweden is considered, even by many Swedes, to be a world of its own. Once a part of Denmark, the region is clearly distinguished from the rest of the country by its geography, culture, and history... Read more

  • The Kingdom of Glass

    Småland is home to the world-famous Swedish glass industry. Scattered among the rocky woodlands of Småland province are isolated villages whose names are synonymous with high-quality crystal glassware... Read more

  • Lund

    One of the oldest towns in Europe, Lund was founded in 990. In 1103 Lund became the religious capital of Scandinavia, and at one time had 27 churches and eight monasteries—until King Christian III of Denmark... Read more

  • Malmö

    Capital of the province of Skåne, with a population of about 300,000, Malmö is Sweden's third-largest city. It was founded at the end of the 13th century. The remarkable 8-km (5-mile) bridge and tunnel... Read more

  • Öland

    The island of Öland is a magical and ancient place—and the smallest province in Sweden. The area was first settled some 4,000 years ago and is fringed with fine sandy beaches and dotted with old windmills... Read more

  • Ystad

    A smuggling center during the Napoleonic Wars, Ystad has preserved its medieval character with winding narrow streets and hundreds of half-timber houses built over a span of five centuries. A good place... Read more