Göteborg (Gothenburg) Travel Guide


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Plan Your Göteborg (Gothenburg) Vacation

Don't tell the residents of Göteborg that they live in Sweden's "second city," but not because they will get upset (people here are known for their amiability and good humor). They just may not understand what you are talking about. People who call Göteborg (pronounced YOO-teh-bor; most visitors stick with the simpler "Gothenburg") home seem to forget that the city is diminutive in size and status compared to Stockholm.


Göteborg (Gothenburg) Hotels

Some hotels close during the winter holidays; call ahead if you expect to travel during that time. All rooms in the hotels reviewed are equipped with shower...read more


Göteborg (Gothenburg) Restaurants

Göteborg is filled with people who love to eat and cook, so you've come to the right place if you're interested in food. The fish and seafood here are some...read more


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