Get Lost in Spain’s Largest Hedge Maze

Posted by Rachael Levitt on April 14, 2017 at 12:25:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment


Emilio Perez Carral, a forester with a business selling cypress trees from Cantabria, Spain, was hit particularly hard by the economic crisis in the Eurozone—both in business and practically speaking. Left with thousands of living trees and no buyer, Perez Carral devised a (slow-growth, natch) plan to save his business and the fledgling forest. With his daughter, he designed a labyrinth and planted the trees in formation, which in turn has grown into one of the biggest mazes in Europe.


The Labyrinth of Villapresente is 5,625 square meters and the largest in Spain. Opened April 8, rates are 3 euros for kids and 4 euros for adults. The website recommends wearing comfortable footwear—though the average walking distance is 1-4 kilometers, it’s possible to walk just over 5. Don’t worry, a rescue team and several safety exits can help you out if needed.


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