Orkney and Shetland Islands Travel Guide


Photo of Orkney and Shetland Islands Photo: northlightimages/istockphoto

Plan Your Orkney and Shetland Islands Vacation

A Scandinavian heritage gives the 170 islets that make up Orkney and Shetland a history and an ambience different from that of any other region of Scotland. Both Orkney and Shetland are essentially austere and bleak, but they have awe-inspiring seascapes, fascinating seabirds, remarkable ancient ruins, and genuinely warm, friendly people. Although a trip to these remote islands requires time and effort, your reward will be a unique experience.


Orkney and Shetland Islands Hotels

Accommodations in Orkney and Shetland are on par with mainland Scotland, with a growing range of stylish bed-and-breakfasts... read more


Orkney and Shetland Islands Restaurants

Kirkwall has an increasing number of good cafés and restaurants, as does Lerwick, but both islands now have memorable spots... read more


Orkney and Shetland Islands Experiences


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