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Edinburgh and the Lothians Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Edinburgh is vibrant—whatever you're looking for, you'll most certainly find it here, and you won't have to go far. Expect old-style pubs as well as cutting-edge bars and clubs. Live music pours out of many watering holes on weekends, particularly folk, blues, and jazz. Well-known artists perform at some of the larger venues.

Edinburgh's 400-odd pubs are a study in themselves. In the eastern and northern districts of the city you can find some grim, inhospitable-looking places that proclaim that drinking is no laughing matter. But throughout Edinburgh many pubs have deliberately traded in their old spit-and-sawdust images for atmospheric revivals of the warm, oak-paneled, leather-chaired howffs of a more leisurely age. Most pubs and bars are open weekdays and Saturday from 11 am to midnight, and from 12:30 to midnight on Sunday.

The List and The Skinny carry the most up-to-date details about cultural events. The List is available at newsstands throughout the city, while The Skinny is free and can be picked up at a number of pubs, clubs, and shops around town. The Herald and Scotsman newspapers are good for reviews and notices of upcoming events throughout Scotland.

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