St. Petersburg: Places to Explore


  • Admiralteisky

    The Admiralteisky is the area just west of the City Center. At its center is the famous golden-yellow Admiralteistvo, or Admiralty building. This neighborhood is also home to Decembrists' Square, the site... Read more

  • City Center

    The best place to get acquainted with St. Petersburg is the elegant ploshchad Dvortsovaya, or Palace Square. Its scale alone can hardly fail to impress—the square's great Winter Palace was constructed... Read more

  • Kirov Islands

  • Liteiny/Smolny

    This region lies to the northeast of Vladimirskaya and includes the Smolny cathedral. The Kirov Islands (north of the city), the Southern Suburbs, and the Vyborg Side (in the northeast corner of the city)... Read more

  • Petrograd Side

    St. Petersburg was born in the battles of the Northern Wars with Sweden, and it was in this area, on Hare Island (Zayachy Ostrov), that it all began: in 1703 Peter laid the foundation of the first fortress... Read more

  • Vasilievsky Island

    Across the Neva river is Vasilievsky Ostrov (Vasilievsky Island), the largest island in the Neva Delta and one of the city's oldest developed sections. Peter the Great wanted his city center there, and... Read more

  • Vladimirskaya (Lower Nevsky Prospekt)

    "There is nothing finer than Nevsky prospekt, not in St. Petersburg at any rate, for in St. Petersburg it is everything … " wrote the great Russian author Nikolai Gogol more than 150 years ago. Today Nevsky... Read more