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  • Top Things to Do in St. Petersburg

    Russia's other historic square is the heart of its imperial past, as well as the host to pivotal moments in Tsarist Russia's demise. On Bloody... Read more

  • Top Experiences in St. Petersburg

    May and June's long daylight hours breathe festive energy into St. Petersburg after months of bitter cold. During these days, the sun sets only long... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to St. Petersburg

    Be awed by the Hermitage: In one of the world's premier historical and art collections, you can see works by Monet, Picasso, and Matisse, the opulence of... Read more

  • A Walking Tour of St. Petersburg

    Begin at ploshchad Dvortsovaya (Palace Square). Extending the length of the western side of the square, with its back to the river, is the Winter... Read more

  • St. Petersburg Bridges

    St. Petersburg's mighty Neva River creates some of its most picturesque views, making it easy to forget that it's a working river for transporting... Read more

  • The Fate of Rembrandt's Danaë

    One of the most celebrated of Rembrandt's works, and among the most beautiful examples of European painting, the Danaë was almost irreparably... Read more

  • Food Stores in St. Petersburg

    For cigarettes, snacks, drinks, and basic foodstuffs like bread, milk, and tea, look for a produkty shop. They also sell such popular local treats as... Read more

  • The Peacock Clock

    The Peacock Clock (Tchasy Pavlin), one of the most delightful pieces on display at the State Hermitage Museum, is in the Pavilion Hall, on the... Read more

  • St. Petersburg in Literature

    "On an exceptionally hot evening early in July, a young man came out of the garret in which he lodged in S. Place and walked slowly, as though in... Read more

  • Rasputin the Mystic

    Neither a monk nor a priest as commonly believed, Rasputin was a wandering peasant who eventually came to exert great power over Nicholas II, the... Read more

  • White Nights

    St. Petersburg is at 59 degrees north latitude, roughly the same latitude as Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and Anchorage, Alaska. Due to this... Read more

  • St. Petersburg History

    "The most abstract and intentional city on earth"—to quote Fyodor Dostoyevsky—became the birthplace of Russian literature, the setting for his... Read more


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