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Dagomys Tea Plantation
For Russian tea drinkers, Sochi is well-known as the only place...
Local Interest–Sight Sochi
Dendrary Botanical Garden
Also known as the Dendrarium, a Greek word meaning collection...
Gardens / Arboretums Sochi
Krasnaya Polyana
Long before Vladimir Putin made Krasnaya Polyana a pet project—that...
Sports Venues Sochi
Matsesta Springs
The curative springs of Matsesta, meaning "fire water," were...
Hot Springs / Spas Sochi
Observation Tower
Perched at the apex of the 2,100 foot high Mount Akhun, the mountain's...
Viewpoints Sochi
Riviera Park
Without exaggeration, this is Sochi's most popular public park...
Parks Sochi
Sochi Art Museum
This grand example of classical architecture is one of the largest...
Museums / Galleries Sochi
Sochi National Park
For those who have had enough of the beach and sea views and...
Parks, Forests Sochi
Sochi Seaport
If you are in the mood for a long stroll, go down to the Sochi...
Historic Districts / Sites Sochi
Stalin's Dacha
Painted green for camouflage, the building that was once Stalin's...
Houses / Mansions Sochi
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