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Top Reasons to Go to Sochi

Catch the Olympic Fever: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some and a passion for others, the world's biggest display of international sportsmanship in 2014 will have a lasting impact on Sochi.

Get a taste of Russia's south: This region is a melting pot of Russian, Georgian, and Caucasian cultures. Eat persimmons and hearty Caucasian food, drink local wine and brandy, and experience the famous Caucasian hospitality.

See the region's unique nature: Sochi's natural riches include rare Yew and Box Wood trees. The Caucasus Mountains offer beautiful views of the hills and sea.

Hit the slopes: Krasnaya Polyana has been Russia's skiing capital since Soviet times.

Get healthy: The region's many renowned spas and natural springs claim to treat any disease.

Updated: 05-2013

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