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Make a splash in the Peterhof Fountains: The grounds surrounding Peterhof's Great Palace (nicknamed the "Russian Versailles") are filled with whimsical fountains. Beware, though: trick fountains in the Lower Park might douse you in a burst of water.

Let the glow of the Amber Room embrace you: The original carved amber panels that once filled a room in Catherine's Palace went missing during World War II and their whereabouts remain a mystery. The panels have been painstakingly re-created and are a wonder to behold.

Stroll in Ekaterininsky Park: The landscaped park on the grounds of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) contains mirror-effect lakes, vast lawns, and impressive views of Catherine Palace. Enjoy a picnic lunch here in the summer.

Get a glimpse of Russian naval might in Kronshtadt: Experience a Russian navy town, taking in the Baltic Sea air as you tour.

Walk on the wild side in Gatchina Park: A lovely walk around Silver Lake is a charming escape from city fuss. You might see newlyweds attaching locks to a small bridge—a Russian wedding tradition.

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