Moscow: Places to Explore


  • Arbat

    Two of downtown Moscow's most important avenues are the Arbat (also known as the Stary Arbat, or Old Arbat) and Novy Arbat (New Arbat), which are two more spokelike routes leading away from the Kremlin... Read more

  • Eastern Outskirts

    There are three ancient monasteries along the banks of the Moskva River, in the southeast section of Moscow. They date to Moscow's earliest days, when it was the center of a fledgling principality and... Read more

  • Kitai Gorod

    Kitai Gorod, with its winding streets, is the oldest section of Moscow outside the Kremlin. The literal translation of Kitai Gorod is "China Town," but there has never been a Chinese settlement here. The... Read more

  • Kremlin/Red Square

    Few places in the world possess the historic resonance of the Kremlin, the walled ancient heart of Moscow and the oldest part of the city. The first wooden structure was erected on this site some time... Read more

  • Kropotkinsky District

    This picturesque old neighborhood is known as the Kropotkinsky District after the famous Russian anarchist Prince Pyotr Kropotkin. Heading out of the district's metro station, which is also named in honor... Read more

  • Northern Outskirts

    Easily accessible to both the city center and as a starting point for any side trips to Moscow environs, the northern outskirts of the city offer affordable hotels and hip nightlife.... Read more

  • Southern Outskirts

    South of the city center are some of Moscow's most notable holy sites. The New Maiden's Convent, southwest of the city center, is one of Moscow's finest and best-preserved ensembles of 16th- and 17th-century... Read more

  • Ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitskaya

    Bolshaya Nikitskaya is one of the many old streets radiating from the Kremlin, spokelike, just like ulitsa Tverskaya to the northeast and Novy Arbat to the southwest. The street was laid out along the... Read more

  • Ulitsa Tverskaya

    As the line of the road that led from the northern tip of the Kremlin to the ancient town of Tver, ulitsa Tverskaya had been an important route for centuries. Later that road was extended all the way to... Read more

  • Western Outskirts

    Within easy reach of half-day excursions, the emblematic Russian countryside offers majestic museums and parks. To see them to the best advantage you should try to make your visits in spring or summer... Read more

  • Zamoskvoreche

    Zamoskvoreche ("beyond the Moskva River") applies to the southern area of the old city opposite the Kremlin. Until modern times Zamoskvoreche had a sleepy rural feel—even today the old twisting streets... Read more


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