Madeira: Places to Explore


  • Central Peaks and Santana

    The lofty peaks of central Madeira come as a surprise after the lush greenery of the coast. Mountains rise up to more than 6,000 feet, their craggy summits often above the cloud line. Most are easily accessible... Read more

  • Curral das Freiras

  • Funchal

    When colonists arrived in Madeira in July 1419, the valley they settled was a mass of bright yellow fennel, or funchal in Portuguese. Today the bucolic fields are gone, and the community that replaced them... Read more

  • Monte

    The village of Monte sits above Funchal at a height of 550 meters (1,804 feet). The cool mountain air and dramatic views made it a healthy retreat for the island’s wealthy in the mid-19th century, and... Read more

  • Porto Santo

    Beachcombers have long loved the tiny, parched, and barren island whose golden beach is famous for its therapeutic properties. By packing themselves in the sand, which runs over 10 km (6 miles) along the... Read more

  • Western Madeira

    The western stretches of Madeira see the island at its greenest and lushest, but also its most dramatic: on the high central plateau, you can see a dozen waterfalls spilling into a cool pine forest, while... Read more