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Krakow Features

  • Kraków's Top 5

    Kraków's Rynek is the largest medieval square in Europe, alive with history, pigeons, and people. Wawel, which includes the Royal castle and... Read more

  • Great Itineraries

    The best way to explore Kraków is to slow down the pace of your steps in tune with this unhurried city, so reserve some time for just sitting in... Read more

  • If You Like

    Artworks of all kinds in record-breaking numbers are found in Kraków—not only in museums, but also in its natural surroundings: the royal castle,... Read more

  • Mysterious Mounds

    A perfect destination for a Sunday walk is Kraków's Mounds. Distant relatives of Stonehenge and Newgrange, Kopiec Krakusa (the Krakus Mound) and... Read more

  • The Japanese Connection

    Polish collector Feliks Jasieński was a great collector of Japanese art, but when he donated his collection to the Kraków Museum, it could be seen... Read more

  • The Bagel Returns Home

    In an interesting caprice of culinary history, Bagelmama in Kraków's Kazimierz District is the only bagel shop in Poland. And to think that bagels... Read more


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