Northern Ireland Feature


Top Reasons to Go to Northern Ireland

Belfast, Gateway City: As the locals put it, "Despite what you've probably heard, Belfast is not what you expect"—so get ready to love this bustling city that bristles with Victorian shop fronts and hip restaurants.

The Giant's Causeway: This spectacular remnant of Ireland's volcanic period will steal you away from your 21st-century existence and transport you to a time when the giant Finn McCool roamed the land.

Nine Glens of Antrim: Fabled haunt of "the wee folk," the glacier-carved valleys have a beauty that has become synonymous with Irishness. Don't miss Glenariff, dubbed "Little Switzerland" by Thackeray.

Ulster-American Folk Park: A tale of two countries joined by a common people is told at this impressive open-air museum, which re-creates a 19th-century Tyrone village and boasts the Centre for Migration Studies.

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