Day Trips from Amsterdam: Places to Explore


  • Aalsmeer

    A small town just north of Schiphol Airport, on the edge of the Westeinder Plassen, it's no exaggeration to say this is one of the flower capitals of the world, thanks to the auction that sells 12.5 billion... Read more

  • Broek-in-Waterland

    With a centuries-old reputation of being "the cleanest town in all the Netherlands," Broek-in-Waterland is still mostly immaculate—so much so that visitors are tempted to walk barefoot on the roads. It's... Read more

  • Kinderdijk

    The camera doesn't lie when it comes to Kinderdijk, and the virtual tour on the website gives you a clear idea of exactly what to expect. Touristy, but unquestionably romantic.... Read more

  • Lisse

    On arrival in Lisse in springtime, you will be in no doubt that this is the center of the Netherlands' biggest tourist attraction, with bumper-to-bumper tour buses and weaving cyclists overwhelming this... Read more

  • Marken

    The former island of Marken was once an isolated fishing village, but today it's filled with sightseers riding over the causeway to view the characteristic green-and-white wooden houses built on piles... Read more

  • Monnickendam

    This is a bustling little town without the full-on folkloric ex-fishing-village effect of its neighbors Marken and Volendam, but no less charming for that. Now a yachting base with an interesting mix of... Read more

  • Otterlo/De Hoge Veluwe

    When German heiress Hélène Müller married Dutch industrialist Anton Kröller at the turn of the 20th century, their combined wealth and complementary tastes were destined to give pleasure to generations... Read more

  • Volendam

    Assuming that other visitors don't block your view, you can stare to your heart's content at the residents of Volendam still wearing traditional costumes immortalized in Dutch dolls the world over. Yes... Read more