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Along the Montenegrin coast, seafood predominates, with starters including salata od hobotnice (octopus salad) and riblja čorba (fish soup), followed by risotto dishes—most notably crni rižot (black risotto prepared with cuttlefish)—lignje (squid), or fresh fish from the Adriatic prepared on a barbecue. The quality is generally excellent, and the prices are slightly lower than in neighboring Croatia. Note that on restaurant menus, fresh fish is priced by the kilogram. Inland, cheeses and meat dishes are more common. Cheeses to try include sir iz ulje (cheese preserved in olive oil) and kožji sir (goat's cheese), which are generally eaten at the beginning of the meal rather than at the end. Popular meat specialties are pršut (prosciutto), Njeguški stek (steak stuffed with prosciutto and cheese), and jagnjece pečenje sa ražnja (whole lamb roasted on a spit).

Montenegrins are also fond of Šopska salata (a chopped salad of tomato, green peppers, cucumber, onion, olives, and feta cheese), similar to Greek salad. When it comes to local wines, Vranac is the most highly esteemed red, and Krstac a reliable white.

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