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Echternach dates from the 7th century and is the home of the only religious dancing procession remaining in the Western world. You wouldn't guess this at first glance, for modern Echternach has been all but adopted by German visitors from across the Sûre, who fill its hotels, restaurants, and monuments every weekend.

On Whit Tuesday (eighth Tuesday after Easter), Echternach is transported to the Middle Ages: more than 10,000 pilgrim (most of them young people) from throughout the region come to town to join in—and tourists come to watch—the famous Springprozession, a dancing procession down the streets of the town, the marchers bouncing from one foot to the other, to the tune of a polkalike march. Their chanted prayer: "Holy Willibrord, founder of churches, light of the blind, destroyer of idols, pray for us." This unique pilgrimage has been repeated every year since the 15th century.

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