Luxembourg Features


Luxembourg Features

  • Luxembourg History

    First inhabited more than 3,000 years ago by pre-Celtic tribes, the area now known as Luxembourg was part of the northern region of the Roman... Read more

  • A Good Luxembourg City Walk

    Start at the Pont Viaduc, spanning the Pétrusse valley, for a view of the ledges on which the city was built. The Monument National de la Solidarité... Read more

  • Sports and Outdoors in Luxembourg

    Biking is a very popular sport in the grand duchy. Good routes include Ettelbruck-Vianden and Luxembourg City-Echternach.... Read more

  • Top Things to Do in Luxembourg

    The Kirchberg Plateau is a sea of contemporary skyscrapers, dominated by the Mudam (Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art), designed by I. M... Read more

  • Wines of the Moselle Valley

    Like much about the small country, Luxembourg's wines are little known outside its borders. Yet the Moselle valley has been producing wine for... Read more