Venice Features


Venice Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Venice

    Cruising the Grand Canal: The beauty of its palaces, enhanced by light playing on the water, make a trip down Venice's "main street" unforgettable... Read more

  • Eating and Drinking Well in Venice

    The catchword in Venetian restaurants is fish. How do you learn about the catch of the day? A visit to the Rialto's pescheria (fish market) is... Read more

  • The Best Venice Day Tours

    If you want some expert guidance around Venice, you may opt for private, semiprivate, or large group tours. Any may include a boat tour as a... Read more

  • Venetian Art Glass

    The glass of Murano is Venice's number-one product, and you'll be confronted by mind-boggling displays of traditional and contemporary glassware—much... Read more

  • Venice Through the Ages

    Venice was founded in the 5th century when the Veneti, inhabitants of the mainland region roughly corresponding to today's lower Veneto, fled... Read more

  • Wading Through the Acqua Alta

    There are two ways to get anywhere in Venice: walking and by water. Occasionally you walk through water, when falling barometers, southeasterly... Read more

  • Speaking Venetian

    Venice is one of the few Italian cities where the local dialect is still alive and well. Much of the language you'll hear in Venice is not Italian... Read more

  • Venice's Scuola Days

    An institution you'll inevitably encounter from Venice's glory days is the scuola. These weren't schools, as the word today translates, but important... Read more

  • Let's Get Lost

    Getting around Venice presents some unusual problems: the city's layout has few straight lines; house numbering seems nonsensical, referring... Read more


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