Umbria and the Marches: Places to Explore



Thanks to Perugia's hilltop position, the medieval city remains almost completely intact. It's the best-preserved hill town of its size, and few other places in Italy better illustrate the model of the self-contained city-state that so shaped the course of Italian history.

Strolling through the city center you could be forgiven for imagining that the Renaissance started in Perugia, with its proud white palaces and its stunning 13th-century fountain. Often considered the heart and soul of Umbria, the city attracts a student population of more than 30,000, many of whom come to learn Italian, meaning that the town is abuzz with activity throughout the year. Umbria Jazz, one of Europe's most important music festivals, attracts music lovers from around the world every July, and Eurochocolate, the international chocolate festival, is an irresistible draw for anyone with a sweet tooth each October.

Elsewhere in Umbria and the Marches