Umbria and the Marches: Places to Explore


  • Assisi

    Especially in the early morning, Assisi can seem like a lost corner of the Middle Ages, a city of legends and mysteries that has remained a focus of interest for artists and writers. As Assisi wakes up... Read more

  • The Marches

    An excursion from Umbria into the Marches region allows you to see a part of Italy rarely visited by foreigners. Not as wealthy as Tuscany or Umbria, the Marches does have a diverse landscape of mountains... Read more

  • Northern Umbria

  • Perugia

    Thanks to Perugia's hilltop position, the medieval city remains almost completely intact. It's the best-preserved hill town of its size, and few other places in Italy better illustrate the model of the... Read more

  • Southern Umbria

  • Spoleto

    For most of the year, Spoleto is one more in a pleasant succession of sleepy hill towns, resting regally atop a mountain. But for three weeks every summer the town shifts into high gear for a turn in the... Read more