Umbria and the Marches Features


Umbria and the Marches Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Umbria and the Marches

    Palazzo Ducale, Urbino: A visit here reveals more about the ideals of the Renaissance than a shelf of history books.... Read more

  • The Sagrantino Story

    Sagrantino grapes have been used for the production of red wine for centuries. The wine began centuries ago as Sagrantino passito, a semisweet... Read more

  • A Taste of Truffles

    Umbria is rich with truffles—more are found here than anywhere else in Italy—and those not consumed fresh are processed into pastes or flavored... Read more

  • Historic Umbria

    The earliest inhabitants of Umbria, the Umbri, were thought by the Romans to be the most ancient inhabitants of Italy. Little is known about... Read more

  • Hiking the Umbrian Hills

    Magnificent scenery makes the heart of Italy excellent walking, hiking, and mountaineering country. In Umbria, the area around Spoleto is particularly... Read more