Umbria and the Marches Feature


Top Reasons to Go to Umbria and the Marches

Palazzo Ducale, Urbino: A visit here reveals more about the ideals of the Renaissance than a shelf of history books.

Assisi, shrine to Saint Francis: Recharge your soul in this rose-color hill town with a visit to the gentle saint's majestic basilica, adorned with great frescoes.

Spoleto, Umbria's musical Mecca: Crowds may descend and prices ascend here during summer's Festival dei Due Mondi, but Spoleto's hushed charm enchants year-round.

Tantalizing truffles: Are Umbria's celebrated "black diamonds" most coveted for their pungent flavor, their rarity, or their power in the realm of romance?

Orvieto's Duomo: Arresting visions of heaven and hell on the facade and brilliant frescoes within make this Gothic cathedral a dazzler.

Updated: 07-2013

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