The Veneto and Friuli–Venezia Giulia: Places to Explore


  • Aquileia

    This sleepy little town is refreshingly free of the tourists that you might expect at such a culturally historic place. In the time of Emperor Augustus, it was Italy's fourth most important city (after... Read more

  • Asolo

    Considered the most romantic and charming of Veneto towns, the visually striking hillside hamlet of Asolo is a top place to use as a base for touring the surrounding countryside—at the very least plan... Read more

  • Castello di Miramare

  • Cividale del Friuli

    Cividale is the best place to see the art of the Lombards, a Germanic people who entered Italy in 568 and ruled until the late 8th century. The city was founded in AD 53 by Julius Caesar, then commander... Read more

  • Marostica

    Exploring From the 14th-century Castello Inferiore, where the town council still meets, an ancient stone wall snakes up the hill to enclose the Castello Superiore, which has commanding views. Marostica's... Read more

  • Padua

    A romantic warren of arcaded streets, Padua has long been a major cultural center of northern Italy. Home to Italy's second-oldest university, founded in 1222, it attracted such cultural icons as Dante... Read more

  • Treviso

    Treviso has been dubbed "Little Venice" because of its meandering, moss-banked canals. They can't really compare with Venice's spectacular waterways, but on the whole, Treviso's historic center, with its... Read more

  • Trieste

    Trieste is built along a fringe of coastline where a rugged karst plateau tumbles abruptly into the beautiful Adriatic. It was the only port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, therefore, a major industrial... Read more

  • Udine

    Udine, the largest city on the Friuli side of the region, has a provincial, genteel atmosphere and lots of charm. The city sometimes seems completely unaffected by tourism, and things are still done the... Read more

  • Verona

    On the banks of the fast-flowing River Adige, enchanting Verona has timeless monuments, a picturesque town center, and a romantic reputation as the setting (in fiction only) of Shakespeare's Romeo and... Read more

  • Vicenza

    Vicenza bears the distinctive signature of the 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio, whose name has been given to the "Palladian" style of architecture. He emphasized the principles of order and harmony... Read more