The Veneto and Friuli–Venezia Giulia: Places to Explore



Treviso has been dubbed "Little Venice" because of its meandering, moss-banked canals. They can't really compare with Venice's spectacular waterways, but on the whole, Treviso's historic center, with its medieval arcaded streets, has a great deal of charm. It's a fine place to stop for a few hours on the way from Venice to the wine country to the north or to the Palladian villas in the hinterland.

Treviso is one of the wealthiest small cities in the country, with fashionable shops and boutiques at every turn in the busy city center. Though a World War II Allied bombing on Good Friday 1944 destroyed half the city—it was tragically bombed by mistake after a report that Hitler would be in Tarvisio, on the Austrian border, was misread—Treviso meticulously preserved what remained of its old town's narrow streets while introducing modernity far more gently than in many other parts of Italy.

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