Palazzo Avino

Via San Giovanni del Toro 28, Ravello, Campania, 84010, Italy

In this 12th-century palazzo with a star-studded history, ordinary mortals can sightsee and peek at the gleaming marble lobby (once a chapel), glass elevators, two rooftop hot tubs, and roaring waterfall replete with Playboy Mansion statuary and stunning pool terrace and spa. Once home to the aristocratic Sasso family, Wagner penned part of his opera Parsifal in the 1880s, and in the 1950s the palazzo hosted film star Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. Formerly part of the adjacent Hotel Palumbo, the property was opened in 1997 as Palazzo Sasso by Sir Richard Branson—the first guests were Placido Domingo and his entourage. Traditionalists might find this much glitz in quaint Ravello an affront, but no one will complain about immaculately furnished guest rooms, with the latest computer-operated lighting and air-cooling systems. Even better, the gilded, Empire-style Rossellini restaurant is now among the finest in Campania and offers the latest in regal, nouvelle fare. With its Clubhouse by the Sea, Palazzo Avino offers what no other hotel in Ravello can—those gorgeous clifftop views along with private sea access, a swimming pool, and seaside dining.


  • pure luxury
  • one of the region's finest restaurants


  • out of most travelers' price range
  • traditionalists, beware!


Phones: 089-818181


32 rooms, 11 suites
Rate Includes: Closed Nov.–Mar.Breakfast