Sights & Attractions in Rome


Sights & Attractions Rome

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Campo de' Fiori
A bustling marketplace in the morning...
Squares Campo
Cappella Sistina
In 1508, the redoubtable Pope Julius II...
Religious Sites The Vatican
Capuchin Crypt
Not for the easily spooked, the crypt under the...
Religious Sites Quirinale
Carcere Mamertino
The Mamertino has two subterranean cells where...
Historic Districts / Sites Campidoglio
Casa di Augustus
First discovered in the 1970s and only opened in...
Houses / Mansions Palatine Hill
Casa di Livia
First excavated in 1839, this house was...
Houses / Mansions Palatine Hill
Case Romane del Celio
Formerly accessible only through the church of...
Archaeological Sites Celio
Castel Sant'Angelo
Standing between the Tiber and the Vatican, this...
Castles / Palaces Borgo
Catacombe di San Callisto
Burial place of many popes of the 3rd century,...
Cemeteries Via Appia Antica
Catacombe di San Sebastiano
The 4th-century church was named after the saint...
Cemeteries Via Appia Antica
Centrale Montemartini
After visiting Rome's many old, art-cluttered...
Museums / Galleries Aventino
Cimitero degli Inglesi
Reminiscent of a country churchyard, this famed...
Cemeteries Testaccio
Cinecittà Studios
Film lovers will want to make the trip out to...
Film / TV Studios Via Appia Antica
Circo di Massenzio
Of the Circus of Maxentius, built in AD 309,...
Archaeological Sites Via Appia Antica
Circo Massimo
From the belvedere of the Domus Flavia, you can...
Archaeological Sites Palatine Hill
Colonna di Foca
The last monument to be added to the Forum was...
Memorials / Monuments Roman Forum
Colonna di Marco Aurelio
Inspired by Trajan's Column, this 2nd-century AD...
Memorials / Monuments Piazza Di Spagna
Colonna di Traiano
The remarkable series of reliefs spiraling up...
Memorials / Monuments Imperial Forums
The Colosseum
The most spectacular extant edifice of ancient...
Archaeological Sites Colosseum and Environs
The open space in front of the Curia was the...
Archaeological Sites Roman Forum
Crypta Balbi
The fourth component of the magnificent...
Museums / Galleries Jewish Ghetto
This large brick structure next to the Arch of...
Archaeological Sites Roman Forum
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