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    Hotel Lancelot Review

    Like many, we booked and stayed here because the vast majority of the reviews have it as an outstanding Hotel in Rome. Whilst it wasn't a bad place to stay it certainly fell well short of of being outstanding. I agree that it has a good location with only a 10 min walk to the Colosseum and that the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. There are quite a few reasonably priced restaurants very close to the hotel. The hotel decor although starting to look it's age is always clean and well decorated. The room size was quite adequate with room to move around and the bathroom although small was quite functional but that's all the pro's we could find. The room has very little hanging and storage space - especially when you stay for 7 nights as we did and there is no room to put your bags under the bed. The room had no clock. In every 3 star hotel we stayed in during our European Adventure there was a clock or clock radio. Although liking or disliking breakfast is very subjective we found that for a hotel that caters almost exclusively to overseas visitors it had absolutely nothing hot on the menu for breakfast - not even a piece of toast and the the pastries tasted like they were made yesterday. The dinner appears great value at 25 Euros per person but there are no choices and that can make a meal you've booked before arriving a bit hit or miss. For around 200 Euros a night we found the hotel didn't represent value for money to us and if we ever save enough to visit Rome again we'd look for another Hotel to stay in.

    by OzJohnno, 10/24/11

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