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Getting Here and Around

Turin is well served by the Italian autostrade (highway) system and can be reached easily by car from all directions: from Milan on the A4 Autostrada (2 hours); from Bologna (4 hours) and Florence (5 hours) on A1 and A21; from Genoa on the A6 Autostrada (2 hours).

Bus service to and from other major Italian cities is also plentiful, and Turin can be reached by fast train service from Paris in less than six hours. Fast train service also connects the city with Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, and Rome.

Public boats, operated by Turin's public transport system (800/019152 or 011/5764733 www.comune.torino.it/gtt), make for a pleasant way to reach the Borgo Medioevale from the Murazzi dock at the northern end of the Parco del Valentino.