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Top Things to Do in Italy

The Vatican

The home of the Catholic Church, a tiny independent state tucked within central Rome, holds some of the city's most spectacular sights, including St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Ancient Rome

The Colosseum and the Roman Forum are remarkable ruins from Rome's ancient past. Sitting above it all is the Campidoglio, with a piazza designed by Michelangelo and museums containing one of the world's finest collections of ancient art.

Venice's Grand Canal

A trip down Venice's "Main Street," whether by water bus or gondola, is a signature Italian experience.

Palladio's Villas and Palazzi

The 16th-century genius Andrea Palladio is one of the most influential figures in the history of architecture. You can visit his creations in his hometown of Vicenza, in and around Venice, and outside Treviso.

Ravenna's Mosaics

This town off the Adriatic, once the capital of the Western Roman Empire and seat of the Byzantine Empire in the West, is home to 5th- and 6th-century mosaics that rank among the greatest art treasures in Italy.

Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

The Uffizi—Renaissance art's hall of fame—contains masterpieces by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Caravaggio, and dozens of other luminaries.

Duomo, Florence

The massive dome of Florence's Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (aka the Duomo) is one of the world's great feats of engineering.

Piazza del Campo, Siena

Siena is Tuscany's classic medieval hill town, and its heart is the Piazza del Campo, the beautiful, one-of-a-kind town square.

Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi

The giant basilica—made up of two churches, one built on top of the other—honors St. Francis with its remarkable fresco cycles.

Palazzo Ducale, Urbino

No other building better exemplifies the principles and ideals of the Renaissance than this palace in the Marches region, east of Umbria.

The Ruins of Pompeii

When Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, its fallout froze the town of Pompeii in time. Walking its streets brings antiquity to life.

Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast

Nowhere else better captures the essence of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast than Ravello. Perched high above the Tyrrhenian Sea, it's the place to go for your blissful la dolce vita moment.

Lecce, Puglia

With its lavish Baroque architecture and engaging street life, Lecce takes the prize for the most appealing town in Italy's deep south.

Valle dei Templi, Sicily

The Greek influence in Sicily dates to ancient days, as is borne out by these well-preserved temple ruins.

Updated: 03-2014

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