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Food is usually prepared in a simple, country-house style, but be ready for some pleasant surprises, as there are a number of ambitious Irish chefs at work in the Southeast's restaurants and hotels. The best of the region's cuisine rests on modern interpretations of classic dishes. One leading light in the area, chef Kevin Dundon at Dunbrody House, expounds a philosophy of understated but delicious food both in his cooking school and in his cookbook, Full On Irish. Informed by his culinary experience, dishes such as tea-smoked chicken and tarragon-glazed lamb exemplify Dundon's modern, international take on his Irish roots. Another of the Southeast's prominent chefs, Paul Flynn of the Tannery is renowned among Irish foodies for his wonderful inventiveness using local ingredients with a French twist; his seafood dishes are often works of art. He's also the inspiration behind Dungarvan's Waterford Festival of Food every April. Martjin Kajuiter at the Cliff House in Ardmore has gained the region's only Michelin star for his daring use of local ingredients in a stunning cliff-side location. Other than its fabled strawberries, the Southeast is probably best known for its rich seafood, especially Wexford mussels, crabs, and locally caught salmon. Kilmore Quay, noted for lobster and deep-sea fishing, hosts an annual Seafood Festival the second week of July. Many restaurants serve local lamb, beef, and game in season.

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