Dublin: Places to Explore


  • Ballsbridge

  • Dublin West

    A cornucopia of things quintessentially Dublin, this area is studded with treasures and pleasures ranging from the opulent 18th-century salons of Dublin Castle to time-burnished St. Patrick's Cathedral... Read more

  • North County Dublin

    Dublin's northern suburbs remain largely residential, but there are a few places worth the trip, such as the architectural gem Marino Casino. As with most suburban areas, walking may not be the best way... Read more

  • The Northside

    "What do you call a Northsider in a suit? The accused." So went the old joke. But faded stereotypes about the Northside being Dublin's poorer and more deprived half were partly washed away beneath the... Read more

  • Phoenix Park and Environs

    Far and away Dublin's largest park, Phoenix Park (the name is an anglicization of the Irish Fionn Uisce, meaning "clear water") is a vast, green, arrowhead-shaped oasis north of the Liffey, about a 20-minute... Read more

  • The Southside

    The River Liffey provides a useful aid of orientation, flowing as it does through the direct middle of Dublin. If you ask a native Dubliner for directions—from under an umbrella, as it will probably be... Read more

  • Temple Bar

    Locals complain about the late-night noise, and visitors sometimes say the place has the feel of a Dublin theme park, but a visit to modern Dublin wouldn't be complete without spending some time in the... Read more


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